Is Windows 8 The New Vista OS?

Windows 8 problems

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You might remember the trouble that Microsoft Corporation had to face after its launch of Vista platform. The operating system was given much importance with a good deal of money spent on its promotion by Microsoft.  The experts and tech forums discussed much about the same and gave more expectations to the public. You could even find people purchasing compatible hardware to use the new Vista OS. But did that help? Not really.  Vista turned to be one of the all time failures among the Windows operating systems launched so far.  Many systems turned sluggish after the installation of Vista.

Many years have passed since the introduction of Vista and a brand new operating system Windows 8 has been released and IT experts and users are taking about the Windows 8 problems online.  All this might cause one to ask, “Is this another Vista from Microsoft?” Hopefully not. However, this does not mean that Windows 8 is free from troubles. Even though the interface is quite attractive like Vista’s, they create unnecessary confusion to the users, who are used to the old interface.

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          Fix Windows 8 problems

It is quite true that Windows 8 comes with a very elegant tiled UI. However, it lacks the Start button which used to be there in every Windows operating system. Those who had got used to it will definitely miss this utility and they would definitely get concerned about where to find the different features in the new platform. However, those who choose to enjoy the new interface would definitely enjoy the new features offered by Windows 8.

Microsoft, which had the bad episode with Vista, finds that Windows 8 might become the next Vista and when you look at the marketing share, Vista had better sales figures than Windows 8. The Windows 8 problems would definitely lead Microsoft to think how they should concentrate more on Windows 9. It seems that Microsoft never had a success as could as XP OS and that was the best performing Windows OS in Microsoft history.

Despite the fact that Windows 8 problems have created issues for many users, there are still many people purchasing Windows 8 because they need a change from the old OS platforms. You may go ahead and try Windows 8 or wait until Microsoft comes up with Windows 9.

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