Removing Toolbars From Web Browsers

Toolbar remover

Browser toolbars are developed with the motive to help users in navigation and simplify the web surfing experience. However, some toolbars come coupled with other programs that might carry viruses and thus threaten the smooth performance of your computer. Interestingly, many popular toolbars cling to the web browser while downloading an important software program, and are very difficult to remove.

Some of the common annoying toolbars include Ask toolbar, Babylon toolbar, AVG SecureSearch, Site Safety toolbar, MyFree toolbar, C duit toolbar, ZXY toolbar, Anonymization toolbar, GameNext toolbar, MPire toolbar, MyWebSearch toolbar, NetCraft toolbar, People Search toolbar, Public Record toolbar, Zango toolbar, and Elite toolbar. Such browser add-ons might invite adware and malware to the system, and slow down the browser performance as well.

Where genuine toolbars like Bing, Yahoo, and Google can be removed from within the browser as well as from the Control Panel, the annoying and malicious browser toolbars cannot be fully uninstalled via the Control Panel or using the Add-ons Manage tool of the web browser.

To help users in this regard, many free toolbar removing applications are available over the internet. Here are some of the most efficient toolbar removing programs.

Toolbar Cleaner

Toolbar Cleaner for Windows is compatible with most of the prominent web browsers including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome. It scans the browsers thoroughly for installed toolbars, extensions, and add-ons, and lists them in its interface. You can easily cut off the unwanted ones, and clean your browser with the help of this program. Apart from that, the program also offers installing Anti-phishing Domain Advisor for better approach.

Multi-Toolbar remover

AVG SecureSearch

This program is famous for its ability to remove nasty toolbars like Comcast, but offers a limited support.

The Toolbar Uninstaller

This application is quite effective in dealing with add-ons that come bundled with other essential applications.

This program specifically focuses on uninstalling Ask toolbar from the web browser. It can be downloaded from the website.

Avast Browser Cleanup Tool

This utility helps in removing unwanted toolbars by scanning the browsers and listing all the add-ons, plugins, and toolbars that may be faulty. Moreover, it is not required to install Avast antivirus program to run this app.

Smart Toolbar Remover and Adw Cleaner are two other useful toolbar removing tools that detect malicious toolbars, browser hijackers, and potentially unwanted programs from the computer. Try any of the above highlighted toolbar remover apps, and get rid of the annoying add-ons.