Instructions On Retrieving Saved-Over Documents In Microsoft Word

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Microsoft Word is the document processing application included in Microsoft Office suite. It is undoubtedly the most commonly used application among other productivity programs offered in the Office Suite. Microsoft Word allows users to create documents with a variety of fonts and print them whenever they want. Needless to say, how useful it would for students and office purposes.

One of the most favoured features with Word is that it can automatically save backup copies of documents you create. If you think that you should recover an earlier version of a document, you can do it straightaway in your Word application. All you need to know is where to find the document. However, the version of the Word application you are using determines the procedure for this.

Auto-Recover function in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is featured with an Auto-Recover function that saves a backup copy of the documents. At times, you may wonder how to retrieve the original content of a document, if you accidently over-write a document and may consider contacting Microsoft help forum for assistance. Nonetheless, you can retrieve the original content with the help of Auto-Recover utility easily. Follow the below given steps to know how.


  • Open Microsoft Word application (Start>All Programs>Microsoft Office>Microsoft Office Word).
  • When the Word application is loaded, click on the Office logo located at the top left corner of the window and choose the option that says Open.
  • Navigate to the dropdown menu that says Files of Type and choose All files.
  • Look for documents saved in your computer with a .wbk file name extension. (Files with .wbk extension represent the backup copy of files).
  • Select the document with .wbk extension to open and view the original content of it.
  • Now, navigate to the Start button. If your computer runs Windows XP or previous versions of operating systems, navigate to Search option and click the option that says For Files or Folders.

    Auto-Recover function

    Microsoft Word

  • Now, enter .asd in the search field and click the option that says Search Now.
  • When the search list appears, look for the Word document in the list. If you remember of the date of the file that you want to recover, select Date Modified and sort your search by date.

You can easily retrieve your saved-over Word document with the help of the steps mentioned above. If the method did not help you get desired results, get in touch with Microsoft help forum for additional support.

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