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Changing Plain Text To HTML In Microsoft Outlook Express

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Microsoft Outlook Express provides various options to its users. In fact, it gives you the options to configure how emails are received or sent from the email client. Some security threats will be presented to your computer if you are receiving emails that have HTML content. Thus, many users do not want to receive messages in the HTML format but some other prefer the same. However, it is the HTML format that allows the users to add HTML stationary, styles and provides greater ability to format those email messages. Well, given below are some instructions from the Outlook Express help team to change the plain text format to HTML in Microsoft Outlook Express.


  • Start the process by opening Microsoft Outlook Express in your computer by accessing the Windows Start menu, then All programs and from the list of all programs, select Microsoft Outlook Express.
  • By selecting the option called Tools, then choosing Options, you need to set the format for your incoming mail messages. After that, choose the option that says Read and find out the option labeled Read all messages in HTML. To the left of this option, you will see a check box. Click it to checkmark followed by clicking the button called OK. Now, when you receive any messages, it will come only in this format.
  • Similarly, you need to set the format for the emails that are outgoing or the ones that are being sent. This can be done either individually or manually. You can set the format for the individual email message by simply opening a new message and then locating the option that is labeled Format Text. In order to set the format for an outgoing mail to HTML, you need to select the option called HTML.

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  • There is also another way to set the format for the emails that you are sending. To do this, you need to click the option called Tools and the select the one that is labeled Options. Next, choose the tab called Send and by placing a checkmark to the left of the option called HTML, select the option Mail Sending Format. Once completed, you need to click the button called OK. Now, when you send an email message, it will be sending emails only in this format.

These instructions from the Outlook Express help team will help you to change the plain text in to HTML format in Microsoft Outlook application. For more news and information regarding this, contact our Outlook tech support team.

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Steps To Encrypt A Folder In Outlook Express

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Even though many email programs are out in the market, people still use the old Outlook Express program that came preloaded with their Windows operating systems. Outlook Express is still a favorite of many users since it is a free email program and has simple settings. You can add many email accounts to it with easy configuration steps.

Sometimes, you may receive important emails, which you do not want others to access. If you receive large number of important emails each day, it is advisable to keep your Outlook Express email folder password protected. In this Outlook Express help section, we will find out the steps involved in this process.

Steps Involved

  • Choose the Start menu by pressing the Windows logo key on the keyboard.
  • Go to All Programs and locate Outlook Express. Click it to launch the program.
  • In the Outlook Express window, select the option File from the menu bar. If the menu bar does not show up initially, press the Alt key.
  • From the menu dropped down for the option File, select New and then click Outlook Data File.
  • If you are running Outlook Express 2003 or any of the later versions, choose the default folder type. In case of Outlook Express versions 2002 and before, choose the Other folder type.
  • Provide any name to the file folder in the space for Filename. Make sure that have inserted the extension .pst after the name.
  • Select the button OK.
  • Enter the name in the box for Name.

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  • Choose High Encryption by putting a check mark on the box next to it.
  • In the field for Security Password, enter a password. Make sure that your password has high strength. In order to create high strength password, use combination of letters, numbers and symbols. This will make it difficult for fraudsters to decrypt it.
  • You will find a tick mark next to the option Save this password in your password list. Remove it.
  • Select the button OK.
  • Restart Outlook Express for the changes to take effect.
  • As the next step, you may move all the important messages to this folder by simply dragging and dropping them.

With the above steps, you have created an encrypted folder in Outlook Express. According to Outlook Express help section, whenever a person tries to access this folder, a password pop up box launches and you can access it only after entering the correct password.

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Choosing Between Windows 7 And Windows 8

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A lot is being talked about Microsoft’s Windows 8 and the subsequent Windows 8.1 update. More than positive reviews about both operating systems, we hear a lot of criticisms. The most frequently made criticism about Windows 8 family of operating systems (Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 update) is that they don’t include the traditional Windows features. Apparently, the critics are right in saying that Microsoft has missed the traditional features in Windows 8.

In the earlier Windows versions, you would directly go to the desktop when the PC is turned on. Conversely, in a Windows 8 PC, you will first go to the Start screen. You are supposed to choose an appropriate option from there to go further. Traditional Windows users found this change somewhat awkward. They felt that Windows 8 didn’t meet their expectations.

But, I have a few unbiased things to say about Windows 8 and the previous Windows versions. If you have a PC with a previous Windows version, say Windows 7, I don’t see any point in suggesting you to upgrade to Windows 8. There aren’t many changes or enhancements you can hope to see in Windows 8 against Windows 7.

Windows 7 is still advanced and sophisticated and allows you to do every task that you can do in Windows 8. The major difference you can see in Windows 8 against its predecessor versions in the integration of the modern user interface called Metro UI. According to Microsoft help forum, the idea behind integrating Metro UI with Windows 8 was to fit it with touch screen devices. Once you get familiar with this advanced User Interface, you can start to use your Windows 8 in the same manner you would use Windows 7.

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The point here is, if you bought a new PC with Windows 8 preinstalled in it, let it be there. Take a bit of effort to get familiar with the new User Interface. If you are using Windows 7 in your PC, think twice before you upgrade to Windows 8 because you are going to pay the extra bucks to enjoy almost similar features that you can have in your current Windows 7 PC.

I must say Windows 7 Vs Windows 8 comparisons are a waste of time because they mostly mislead people to believe that either of the operating system is better than the other. Put your priorities first before you choose your OS because you don’t want to change it immediately. Consider visiting Microsoft help forum for any technical queries you have.

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Removing The Dreaded Mirar Toolbar From Your PC

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If you ask most PC users, they dread the word “Toolbar” as much as “virus attack”! Why? Because these toolbars sneak in on your system, change all your web browser settings and then refuse to leave. Toolbar removal is extremely difficult. While some toolbars are merely irritating, others are potentially harmful and ought to be treated like a virus. Most anti-virus security agencies believe toolbars to be a malware itself.

Mirar Toolbar is technical a virus that installs itself on your PC without your knowledge or consent and then proceeds to bombard you with adverts and popups. A common infection brought in from visiting malicious websites, removing this virus is next to impossible if you do not have the required knowledge and the tools. However, it is crucial to get rid of every last bit of this toolbar to ensure your computer is not compromised.

Here’s what you need to do to remove the infamous Mirar toolbar:

  • First off, you need to remove the toolbar from the list of programs installed on your computer. Although this would suffice for most common toolbars, this is just the first step of Mirar toolbar removal. Click on the Start menu and then click on Control Panel. From the list of options, click on Add/Remove Programs. From the list of all the programs that are installed on your system, select Mirar toolbar and hit uninstall. In certain cases, you might not be able to uninstall the toolbar. In such cases, purchase and install a high quality toolbar remover to uninstall the software. Regardless of whether you are able to succeed in this achieving this step, follow the rest of the steps as well.
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    What To Do When Toolbars Strike

    Mirar virus will leave a lot of infected files and settings on your PC which will continue to function even after the uninstallation. To successfully remove them, you need a good quality antispyware software. Even if there are various free anti-spyware out in the market, purchasing a quality software goes a long way into securing your PC in the long run. Run a good anti-spyware software and then follow the instructions to remove the infected file. Certain toolbar remover software are capable of detecting and removing certain viruses. However, running specific anti-spyware software is your best bet.

  • Once you done using the removal software, you need to use a registry cleaner to fix the damages Mirar has done to your registry entry values. This is crucial if you want your PC to restore to the condition before the virus infestation. There are various free registry cleaners available online, so make sure you install and run a good quality one.

If you follow all the instructions stated above, you will successfully be able to remove all traces of the toolbar. Make sure that you have a good firewall running and refrain from clicking on random website links, to minimize the chances of virus infiltration.

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