How To Fix Outlook Mail Issues

Cannot Receive Email In Outlook

One of the common steps for troubleshooting when you cannot receive email in Outlook is setting up a new profile to use. Sometimes this takes care of whatever is wrong in the mail delivery system, but if it does not, there are other steps you can take. Have you checked if the connection uses TCP/IP? This needs to be the default protocol for mail to go in or out, so ensuring this is in the configuration is where you should start.

First, go to Network Connection Properties. To get there in XP or Windows 2000, perform the following steps depending on the version of Windows you are on.

  • Hit Start and then Run.
  • Type cpl in the text field and hit Enter. This will bring up the Network Connections window.
  • Here find the connection you are on and right click it, then hit Properties.

For later version, you simply need to type Network Connections in search and then select the properties of the connection. If you have more than one connection in this window, the one you are using will likely say Connected, so chose this one.

Making sure Outlook is using TCP/IP

  • Go to the General tab and make sure that the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) option is selected. If it is not, leave a check in the box beside the label, and hit OK.
  • If you are asked to restart the computer, click on Yes.

After this is done, try out the connection to see if it works – send yourself an email and see if it arrives. If that is working fine, you have solved the mail receiving problem.

Other reasons cannot receive email in Outlook are:

  • Your internet address or connection settings were not typed in correctly. The error could be as small as a capitalization mistake, which counts.

    Default Protocol In Outlook

  • Your internet email settings are not configured right. Check what you have entered in Outlook with your ISP, and if there is any difference between the two, correct your configuration accordingly. People commonly type in a DNS address or a news server address in the mail server field, so check if you have done the same.
  • Your remote mail configurations may also act up. Doing this is known to disrupt existing connections, with email not being sent or received as it should be.

That was on setting up TCP/IP as your default protocol in Outlook, and alternate factors, which might be preventing mail from coming in.

Guidelines For Accessing Your Outlook 2013 Account At Home

Outlook Support Number

Outlook 2013 users can access the mails in the account using any browser by accessing Outlook’s online website. However, if the account is a part of your organization’s Exchange server, you would need to access the Outlook Web App or use the Outlook Anywhere feature. The instructions for accessing Outlook 2013 are given below. You need internet access for this process; however, you need not call the Outlook support number.


  • Navigate to the web page. It is possible to access this website using multiple devices with web browser support including Macs, PCs, tablets, and smartphones.
  • In the field below the Microsoft Account, enter the Email Address of the account that you wish to access right now. You can enter the alias into the Microsoft Account field if you make use of an alias along with your account.
  • Once the email address is entered, enter the account’s password in the Password Click on the Sign In button. Your inbox would appear now.

Access Outlook Web App

  • You need to know your Outlook Web App URL first. For this, open the Outlook 2013 program using either the desktop shortcut or the Stat Menu Once the Inbox interface appears, click on the File menu and access the Account Information section. Here, you will find a URL link below the label Access This Account on the Web.
  • Open your web browser and navigate to the Outlook Web App website. You may use any popular web browser to access emails this way.
  • Enter the first part of your email address in the Username field and enter its password in the Password Click on the Sign In button.
  • You will see the Inbox interface open up now.
Outlook 2013 Program

Outlook Anywhere

  • Open the Mail Click on Mail from the Start Screen. The Mail dialog helps create and manage Outlook profiles.
  • Configure your email profile by clicking on Email Accounts and then New that you see under the Email In the dialog box that appears, click on the radio button labeled Manual Setup or Additional Server Types and then Next.
  • Enter the account’s details when prompted. Once done, click on Next and then
  • Open Outlook 2013 and select Send/Receive. Next, click on the button labeled Send/Receive All Folders. Click on Inbox to start accessing the mail.

Experts over the Outlook support number recommend contacting your system administrator to get specific details if you are using an Exchange account.

Turning Off The Compact Message Notification In Outlook Express

Outlook Express Help

The folder containing your email data does not remove messages when they are deleted in Outlook Express. Rather, they are marked and removed when Outlook Express shrinks the database the next time. This helps to maintain the database size and prevent file corruptions.

Outlook Express reminds compressing the message store every 100 times you use the program. To stop this, follow the Outlook Express help guidelines listed here.

Compacting Manually

  • Open the Outlook Express program. Click on the File button that you see on the top of the main menu bar and select Work Offline. You will be disconnected from the internet temporarily now, which means that the message store will not be in use while you compact the database.
  • Now, click on the Tools button from the main menu bar and select
  • In the Options dialog box, click on the Maintenance
  • You will see a button labeled Clean Up Now; click on it.
  • In the consequent window, select the button labeled Compact. If the storage folder was last compacted a long time ago, it will take some time to complete the process.
  • Click on the Close button to finish and exit the window. You will no longer see the reminder to compact the Outlook Express message store again.

However, to prevent the notification message from appearing again, remember to compact the message store regularly.

Remove the message without compacting

  • Open the Run box, either by using the Windows Key + R keyboard shortcut or via the Start Enter regedit in the text field and press the Enter key. This will open the Windows Registry Editor.

    Outlook Express Message Store

  • Navigate through the registry entries and access HKEY_CURRENT_USER/ Identities/ (long string of letters and numbers)/ Software/ Microsoft/ Outlook Express
  • Under the Outlook Express folder, click on 0.
  • Double click on the Compact Check Count value that you see on the right side.
  • You will see a number under Value data field, change it to Click on OK and close Windows Registry Editor.
  • The offer to compact the message store will not be displayed again unless you open the Outlook Express email client 100 times.

Outlook Express help desk recommends consolidating the message store periodically to prevent corruption and data loss, even though it is possible to stop the automated notifications.

How To Fix Outlook Express Email Access Issues

Cannot Receive Email In Outlook

Microsoft Outlook Express provides the option to setup multiple third party email accounts in the email client. If you are not able to access emails anymore, it means that something has gone wrong with the program’s configuration or that you have been blocked due to some reason.

Login Issues

Each account linked with Outlook Express has a username and password. You need to make sure that you entered the details correctly when you were prompted to do so. A single typo while entering the login details can cause the Outlook Express program failing to access the server and downloading email messages. If you set the username and password of the respective account with something case sensitive, enter it as such in the Outlook Express program.

Improper configuration

If you cannot receive email in Outlook, one of the most common causes is improper configuration. One example for this is setting up the wrong server to access your emails. Though POP3 is the most commonly used email protocol, there are some email providers who make use of the IMAP servers. Moreover, the some email services use HTTP servers to access emails. Check whether you have chosen the right email protocol if a specific account is causing the trouble.

Some other possible causes that you can check when cannot receive email in Outlook are wrong server port numbers, choosing an improper option when asked for SSL details. You need to contact the email provider and get the exact details in such case.

Access Blocked

Check the Spam folders in your Outlook Express program. If you find the required emails here, it means that you may have accidentally blocked their senders or domains for deletion or created a rule for the purpose. In case you had blocked a sender or domain, their respective emails will go to the Spam folder, not the inbox. Certain rules also allow you to block certain emails from reaching your computer at all. It is also possible that your ISP has blocked the mails as they contain suspicious files or programs.

Account Issues

Microsoft Outlook Express

If you have checked all the possible causes and cannot fix the issue yet, there are other instances wherein you will not be able to receive emails. One of them is the possibility that the security of the email account has been compromised. Alternatively, you may have exceeded the storage limit offered by the provider. In that case, you would need to delete some of the unnecessary emails.

If you still cannot access email, go to the specific email provider’s page and explore the FAQ section for additional troubleshooting steps.

Cleaning Up Windows Vista Desktop

Microsoft Help Line

In case you were a Windows XP user, you might have heard or even used a Desktop Cleanup Wizard providing the ability to clean the desktop. It was ineffective as it did not work so well. The software giant did not see it necessary to keep it in Windows Vista. Actually, it was removed in Windows Vista. There are many ways for cleaning up your desktop even without using the Desktop Cleanup Wizard. In this Microsoft help line article, we shall see various innovative ways to clean Microsoft Windows desktop. Windows Vista help instructions for you:

  • Right click on a blank space on your system desktop and then select ‘New’ and the click on the ‘Folder’ option available. Give a name to the folder something that is easily understandable such as ‘Old Desktop stuff’.
  • Hit the ‘Start’ button and click on your username (found in the upper-right corner). Double click the folder named ‘Desktop’. You will see that there is a ‘Desktop’ folder open in Windows Explorer consists of contents of your Desktop.
  • You can locate and then select the box located next to the ‘Date Accessed’ and then click on ‘OK’. Check the ‘Date Accessed’ which appears as one of the column headings in Windows Explorer. (You may need shrinking various other columns for seeing it.)
  • Click on the heading for the purpose of sorting the list by the date accessed. The folders appear at the top of the list.
  • Then drag files or folders you have made use of to the ‘Old Desktop stuff’. Close the ‘Desktop’ folder. Then, you need to wait some time for the changes to happen. Best thing, you can log off and then log on back.
  • In case you want to totally remove any remaining unwanted shortcuts or files from the desktop, you will be able to drag each file or shortcuts to the Recycle bin.

    Microsoft Help Line

  • In some OS versions, click ‘Start’ and then ‘Computer’. You will see drives on your system.
  • Double click on the drive where your Windows are installed (‘C:’ drive) and then you need to navigate to ‘Public Desktop’.
  • Click and then drag old unused icons into ‘Old Desktop stuff’ folder and then you need to close the Public Desktop folder. You can wait for some time for the changes to appear or happen.You can even just log off and then log back on.

There you go; you just cleaned up your desktop. Hope this Microsoft help line article was useful. You will now be viewing an uncluttered desktop.

Unleash The Power Of Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Help Forum

Microsoft Office Suite is one of those tools that help people increase productivity for personal and official purposes to make work easier. There are various applications included in the Office Suite. People think that they can be used only for business purposes. But, in reality, it can be used for various purposes such as formulating a to-do list and other details so that you can do things systematically. Some of the most used applications include Excel and Word. It is very easy to learn how to use Excel. You can know more about the power of Microsoft Office Suite from the Microsoft help forum.

Though Excel can be used in many other places, it is important to know how it works. You need to know how features included in Excel works. Some of them that you need to know are for cell formatting, different toolbars and menu; you need to know how to enter data, edit the same, move around the rows and columns. You need to know how to enter date and time in different cells, then apply certain formula, mathematical functions, using different charts and many more functions.

These features stated are the minimum required information that you need to know. There are many more features and functions that are useful. There is more to know in order to become a professional in working with Excel sheets. They will help in making you Excel sheets all the more effective. There are various options to learn how to use them. There are Microsoft Excel CDs available with the help of which you can learn how to use the application.

Microsoft Excel

MS Excel CD has a number of screenshots that explains different functions and features included in the application. You get to learn how to make spreadsheets with a professional touch, insert charts to make it look all the more sophisticated, include formulae, diagram and many more. You can create spreadsheets for your training batch with the help of these features and functions and make the session all the more interactive. With the help of this, you need not attend any classes. The best thing is that you can learn things at your own convenience. You need not adjust your schedules for any class.

On the other hand, you can use the internet to learn how to use Excel. This way you will be able to collect endless information about spreadsheets. Microsoft help forum will also give you the solutions to any doubts you have with the application.

How Can You Set Up Outlook Express In Windows 8


Windows users might very well be familiar with one of the most popular email clients ever, Outlook Express. Microsoft Outlook Express is popular because of two main reasons. First it was available for free in all Windows operating systems till Windows XP. The second reason is the fact that the email and news client is one of the best email management programs ever. Developed by the world’s leading software maker to make simple the emailing experience for users, Microsoft has been providing this awesome email program for many years; but they stopped it after Windows XP. Now, you can install the new look Outlook Express in the latest Windows OS. The following Outlook Express help guide will provide the necessary information:

  • First, you need to launch Outlook Express, which you will be able to find in the Apps screen. For getting here, you can hold down the Windows key and the press Q
  • Then you need to click on the Tools menu then select Accounts
  • Thereafter, you need to click on Add and thereafter select Mail
  • After that you need to click on your name, and then click Next

    download (2)

  • Then you can type your email address then click ‘Next’
  • Key in both the Incoming and Outgoing mail servers and then click ‘Next’.
  • Enter the Account name and then the Password. Tap or click on the Remember password in case you don’t wish to enter your password each and every time you are accessing your email. Then you now can click on ‘Next’.
  • Then click on Finish.
  • Thereafter, you need to click on the newly added email account and then you need to click on the ‘Properties’ button on the right-hand side.
  • Thereafter you need to click on the Servers tab and then hit to put a tick beside the My server requires authentication and then click ‘Settings’
  • After that, you need to check there is a tick next to Use same settings as my incoming mail server then click on OK.
  • Then click Advanced tab and put a tick next to Leave a copy of messages on server. This precisely means your email messages will be left on the servers so you will be able to access them from other systems or internet devices. Then, you need to click on ‘Apply’, then the ‘OK’ button.


Hope the above Outlook Express help guide was useful.

Changes Introduced In The Windows 10 Operating System

Microsoft Help And Support

The Technical Preview of Windows 10 operating system was recently released by Microsoft Corporation. Even though the preview has many errors and bugs, millions of users had signed up for the preview and have downloaded and installed the same. The number of users who have signed up for the preview shows that the users are desperate to try the Windows 10 operating system. This also shows that how much dissatisfied the users are with the Windows 8 operating system. The Windows 8.1 Update was released to get over the complaints of the Windows 8 operating system, but still many of the users are not much happy with the changes.

This is the reason why they are releasing the Windows 10 operating system. Some of the major changes that are to be introduced with the Windows 10 operating system are explained below in this article.

Return Of Start Menu

Windows 10 operating system will mark the return of the Start menu. The new Start menu that is to be introduced by the Windows 10 operating system will look familiar. It is rumored that the Start screen will have live tiles. The users will be able to resize the live tiles and will be able to move the tiles around. Another option is to resize the complete Start menu to the liking of the user. This information was obtained from the Microsoft help forum.

Features Of Windows 10

Microsoft says that with the improved Start menu, they are planning to offer more personalization options to the users. Another thing is that the Start menu will have the universal search option just like the old one, but the change here will be that the results will also include web search results.

Modern Apps In Windowed Form

With the Windows 10 operating system, Microsoft is officially introducing the Modern apps to desktop. This is just like ModernMix does in the Windows 8 operating system. These apps will be called universal apps and will be much like any other windowed app on desktops.

These are some of the important changes that are to be introduced with the Windows 10 operating system. The users are much eagerly waiting for the official release of the Windows 10 operating system to get a hands on experience of the new additions and modifications. To know further on the exciting features of Windows 10 operating system, visit the Microsoft help forum or contact the official support desk.

Getting Rid Of Error 0x800ccc79 In Outlook Express

Outlook Express Help

People use Outlook Express to make their email communications easier. It lets them bypass the browser window each time they want to access their webmail account, eliminating a step and consequently speeding up the process. Besides email management, this client application also lets you handle your appointments and task schedules. But like all programs, it runs you into a fair share of snags and hurdles.

The most common error people encounter when using Outlook Express is the Outlook 0x800ccc79. This one prevents you from sending and receiving emails properly.The main reason for this is seen to be a discrepancy in the application’s configuration. Sometimes, it can also be the result of authentication failures on the server.

No matter what the reason, the user almost always has the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol in use when he encounters this error. The client can be reconfigured to bypass the SSL when transmitting messages online. For this, go to Tools in the top toolbar, and choose Accounts. Hit Properties, and then Advanced Settings. Find the This server requires a secure connection option, and leave a check in the box beside it. Save all changes and exit the setting window.

If it’s a registry error

There might be redundant or conflicting entries in the registry, which are messing up the mail transfer in Outlook Express. To fix that, download and install a registry cleaning utility. Run a scan and delete any redundant entries it finds. If none of that works, you might have to reinstall the application from scratch.

Outlook Express Error

One good thing that almost definitely comes out of employing a registry cleaner is that it speeds up the computer noticeably. Several of the errors you have in the system will be taken out in a single swoop, and the machine will work as good as new.

Getting tech support

This is another way to get rid of the Outlook Express error. You can get Outlook Express help from a third party technical support company if you’re past the subscription. Assuming you find a competent service, they’ll fix the issue in minimal time and get you set with a working setup.

For more Outlook Express help tips and guidelines, check out related posts here. Use the search function to find what you’re looking for, or simply browse through the latest posts. You’ll definitely find something useful.

Why Windows 10 Will Be A Success Story For Microsoft?

Microsoft Help Line

Windows 10 has been scheduled for a mid 2015 launch and the company has stated that the operating system would be comprising of the most useful and advanced features. The response to the preview version of the Windows 10 operating system was also massive as millions of users across the globe opted to download the version.

According to the technicians available at the Microsoft help line, a large number of users had contacted them to know about downloading the Windows 10 preview and also to know about the features of the latest operating system. Looking at the preview version, one can say that Windows 10 is a perfect mix of advanced and useful features. The most prominent feature of the operating system is the Start Menu that is aimed at impressing the users who had dumped the touch-centric OS versions due to the lack of this option. The Start Menu in Windows 10 looks much alike the option in Windows 7, with certain advanced options such as the live tiles and improved search functions.

Clearly, this sole feature will make the OS version a massive hit among the users worldwide. When Windows 8 was launched, a large number of users had abandoned the OS version due to the lack of the Start Menu. Hence, in spite of having the most advanced and sophisticated features, Windows 8 was unanimously panned by PC purists and rejected by customers across the globe. Several users had called up the Microsoft help line to know how to uninstall the OS from their systems. It has been more than two years since the operating system was officially launched, but still, it has failed to beat the likes of Windows 7 and XP in terms of popularity.

Microsoft Windows 10

Coming back to Windows 10, other interesting features in the operating system include Snap Assist and Task view. While the former option enables the users to snap multiple apps at a single time, the Task View feature helps the customers to view all the applications running in the background while a program is running in the system. In addition to these, Windows 10 also allows the users to work on multiple desktops simultaneously. This definitely adds to the user-friendliness of the operating system as the Microsoft Windows 10 users will be able to manage both their personal and professional work easily.

In short, it is certain that Windows 10 will provide the best computing experiences to the users and will be a runaway success upon its launch.