The Google Voice App Would No Longer Work On Windows Phone OS

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The competition between Google and Microsoft always affects the normal users who have to use products from both these tech giants. Some of the readers might remember the ill-fated Youtube app that was released for the Windows Phones OS. There are millions of Youtube users, who own a Windows Phone. The Youtube app was designed to make it easier for Windows Phone users to access the video website.

The app was working smoothly for a while. Then there were some reported incompatibility problems. Many affected did contact the Windows support number hoping to rectify the problem. However, it soon became clear that Microsoft does not want an app giving access to its competitor’s service running smoothly on their OS platform.

The affected users contacting the Windows support number were told to use the browser to log on to the Youtube website instead of using the app. Microsoft does not support the Youtube app on its Windows Phone OS.

Google Voice app not supported on Windows Phone OS

Now it is the turn of Google Voice app to exit the Windows Phone OS. Until now, Google Voice users were able to use an app on Windows Phone OS to connect to the Google chat service. These users were using a third party app for this purpose. Now, Google has made the announcement that it would no longer support the running of such third party apps for accessing their Google Voice network.

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They are giving the security reasons for making this decision. According to Nikhyl Singhal from Google, “Finally, we want to make Google Voice as secure as possible. There are a few third-party applications that provide calling and SMS services by making unauthorized use of Google Voice. These apps violate our Terms of Service and pose a threat to your security, so we’re notifying these app developers that they must stop making unauthorized use of Google Voice to run their services and transition users by May 15, 2014.”

Even though this is true, the Windows Phone users are using such third party apps only because Google has not released any official apps for its Google Voice service for Windows Phone OS. The affected users by now would have realized that there is no point calling the Windows support number or contacting the Google support service.

These tech rivals would not support the running of their rival’s application on their platform unless it generates some revenue for them. So, from now on, you have access Google Voice through your browser.

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Why Does A Large Number Of PCs Still Run On Windows XP?

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Windows XP is the operating system from Microsoft that was released in the year 2001 and since then is considered the best operating system from the software giant. Now, after thirteen years, Microsoft has stopped the support for Windows XP. The last day of Windows XP support for the operating system was on April 8, 2014. However, an interesting fact about the operating system is that it still runs on about 21 percent of computers worldwide. This figure includes both the home users and machines in business houses. So, what factors have led to people sticking on to this operating system? Let us find out.

Support from other developers

Even though support from Microsoft for the operating system has stopped, many other software giants have decided to provide support for their products running in this operating system. For instance, if you are using Google Chrome in Windows XP, you can receive support for the browser for another year. Similarly, Windows XP users can find support for the different programs running on the operating system from their respective developers.

Updates through Microsoft Security Essentials

According to Microsoft help forum, even though Microsoft has stopped all kind of support for Windows XP, users can still be secure to a certain extend with the antivirus program from Microsoft, Security Essentials. If you have installed this tool on your computer, you can update it and run it on Windows XP. This means, the program will receive security updates from Microsoft and this can keep away most of the common threats.

Large costs

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If you are a home user, it is not going to cost you much to upgrade your Windows XP computer. However, when it comes to big businesses, it would cost a huge sum to upgrade a large number of PCs together. This is because the upgrade might also include changes in the hardware suited for the new operating system and this could take up the cost to higher levels. It is also a time consuming process and the complete upgrade of operating systems in a business house could take around one to two years.

Microsoft urges existing Windows XP users to upgrade their operating systems as soon as possible. According to Microsoft help forum, sticking on to the operating system that no longer receives updates can compromise the security of files stored in the computer. Microsoft recommends Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 for the existing Windows XP users to upgrade.

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Use A Removal Tool To Get Rid Of Unwanted Toolbars

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Removing The Browser Toolbar

If you have the habit of trying out freeware applications, your browser menu would likely be filled with many unwanted toolbars. This is because most of the freeware applications are ad-supported or it gets some revenue through some other software applications that it supports. The installation file for this software application would be bundled with the freeware.

Yes, it is easy to get rid of these freeware applications later on. But, some of the toolbar applications that got installed in the process might be difficult to remove. The process for removing such toolbars is a little complicated, and in some cases, it might even involve deleting the system registry entries for these toolbars.

The benefits of using a toolbar remover tool

Though process is complicated, you can easily get rid of these malware toolbars completely, if you follow the steps involved correctly, making the correct changes to the system registry, and remove all traces of the toolbar application from the system. This involves removing the add-ons and extensions from the browsers, uninstalling the toolbar application from the system, deleting the toolbar folder that might still contain an .exe file, and deleting the toolbar-related system registry files.

As you can see, it involves a lot of steps and you would have to very careful when making any changes to the system registry. If you are not-so-tech-savvy, then do not attempt to make any changes to the system registry yourself. Either get help from a tech service professional or use a toolbar remover tool to do it.

Installation File

About The Toolbar Remover Applications

The complicated process involved in removing the toolbar has led to the development of many toolbar removal applications that would make the whole process easier. In fact, you can use these tools to remove multiple toolbars from the system with just one click of a button.

Also, using the toolbar removal tool would be the best way to get rid of the malware toolbars completely, as these tools are designed to remove all the traces of the malware toolbar from the system. Just install one of those free toolbar removal tools that you find online and run it, after closing all the browser applications. The application would detect all the toolbars in your system and you just need to select the ones you want to be removed and press the button.

These toolbar applications would thus remove any toolbar from your system very quickly. So, if you find the procedure for toolbar removal complicated, then just use these toolbar removal tools instead.

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Microsoft Prepares A Docking Station For Surface Pro

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Microsoft Help Team

Microsoft is currently preparing a docking station for the Surface Pro series of tablet computers. This is as per detailed by Paul Thurrott in one of his blog posts. This is one of the most requested accessories for the Surface tablet computers. The docking station will allow the users to connect additional USB devices like a keyboard, or a wireless or USB mouse. The Surface Pro docking station offers three USB 2.0 ports and one USB 3.0 port that enables high-speed transfer of data. This was confirmed after contacting the Microsoft help line.

Other ports on the Surface Pro Docking Station include, 1 Gbps Ethernet port for a direct connection into a router and a microphone port and an audio out port that is meant for external speakers or a set of headsets or headphones. It is very simple to connect a Surface Pro into the docking station. It is like sliding the tablet to a groove along the accessory. In order to make use of a new docking station, the users will need to have the Surface Pro or Surface Pro 2. The new docking station is not compatible with the Surface RT or the standard Surface 2. Before the end of this year, the Surface Pro 2 will likely contain a fourth generation Intel Core i5 Haswell processor and eight GB of random access memory.

Usb 3.0 Port

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It is very much likely that Microsoft will announce the docking station when the Surface 2 lines of tablets are announced by them to the general public. This could be on the date that is scheduled for the release of Windows 8.1 that is October 18. As per an earlier report, Microsoft is including a new type of Power Cover to the Surface tablets. This cover is aimed at protecting the screen of the device as well as to charge the device. The extra battery power that is provided by the Power Cover will help the users extend the usage of the device and this is ideal for anyone that uses the tablet during a commute.

The pricing details of the docking station are not available now. If you wish to know more on the docking station for Surface Tablets, you can contact the Microsoft help line. They will be able to provide you with more details on the docking station and the features of the docking station for Surface tablet computers.

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How To Setup TalkTalk Email In Outlook Express Program

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Microsoft Outlook is widely used as the email client by many of the computer users around the world. This program offers calendar, notes, contacts, scheduler, and many more user-friendly features. Many of the email services can be setup with the Outlook program. This article discusses the steps to setup the TalkTalk email in the Microsoft Outlook Express program.

If you are wondering how to setup the TalkTalk email in the Outlook Express program, you can follow the Outlook Express help tips that are shared below.


  • Turn on your computer and then click on the Start button. From the Start menu, select All Programs and then select the Outlook Express program.
  • Choose the Tools menu that is located at the top of the screen and then click on Accounts.
  • You may then click on the Add button and then click on Mail.
  • Type in the name that you wish to display in the From field of the email messages that you send, in the Display name box and then click on the Next button.
  • Type in your TalkTalk email address and press Next again. Please make sure that you do not enter any spaces and that the email address is entered exactly as it is.
  • From the incoming mail server drop-down list, you can select IMAP.
  • In the Incoming mail (IMAP) server box, type in
  • In the Outgoing mail (SMTP) server box, type in and then click on the Next button.

    All Programs

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  • Into the Account name box, type in your TalkTalk email address and then type in your password to the Password box. Click on the Next button. This email is same as the one that you have entered in step five. The password is the email password that you have made while setting up the TalkTalk email account.
  • After doing the above-discussed steps carefully, you can click on the Finish button and then on the Close button.

These are the steps to setup the TalkTalk email account in the Outlook Express program. If you have any doubts or confusions in any of the steps that are discussed above, you can contact the Outlook Express help and support team. They will be able to clear all your doubts and will help you to finish the TalkTalk email setup steps successfully without encountering any Outlook errors.

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