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Microsoft Help

Microsoft products do not have a complex nature and hence are not prone to issues as much as other third party applications. This is the reason Microsoft offers a comprehensive MS product support documentation with each and every Microsoft product. It helps the users understand the mechanism of the Microsoft product. Besides the documentation, they will have to go through a comprehensive troubleshooting and fix procedure in case an issue strikes the MS product that you are using. This is where Microsoft tech support comes into action to take over the issue. To diagnose the issue better, the support service executives may ask you to present them with the original documentation, including the name or version or the product key etc.

This means that you will have to keep your Microsoft documentation safe and intact. Microsoft also has the Microsoft help forum where the users can share the issues that they face while using their Microsoft products with the forum members to get a solution for the issue. There are also different third-party online forums that the users can use to describe their issues and get a solution. Microsoft also keeps a comprehensive online knowledge base that can help the users understand common issues with their Microsoft products and fix the immediately.

Microsoft Tech Support

Microsoft Support

In case you are not able to fix the issues referring to the online help forums and knowledge base, you can always contact the Microsoft technical support desk any time round the clock.

Many companies, including Microsoft, offers technical support for users for a paid subscription. If you wish to get Microsoft support cover free of cost, you will have to check if your Microsoft product is under the guarantee or warranty period. If this Microsoft product came pre-installed with your PC, you will have to contact the computer manufacturer for service cover. If any of the hardware is faulty, you will have to contact the hardware manufacturer to get it replaced.

If the Microsoft period is out of warranty, you will not be able to get free support from Microsoft. Microsoft has also tied up with different third-party companies to offer Microsoft users technical support cover. There are also different third party tech support firms that offer reliable, affordable, and comprehensive online tech support for the Microsoft products. If you wish to know more on these Microsoft tech support companies, you can visit the Microsoft help forum.

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Windows 7 To Lose Mainstream Support By January 2015

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Microsoft Fix It

Microsoft has finally announced the termination of mainstream support for Windows 7 by January 13, 2015. This means that the existing Windows 7 users will have to upgrade their systems to Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 in order to stay away from all possible technical issues. The announcement has caused a stir among several Windows 7 users and most of them resorted to the Microsoft help forum to know about the legitimacy of the news.

When Microsoft had terminated the support for Windows XP on April 8, 2014, many users had upgraded their systems to Windows 7 instead of opting for the touch-centric versions like Windows 8 and 8.1. The software giant had announced the ending of support for Windows XP in a bid to increase the overall sales of Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 OS. Microsoft had also been insisting the customers to move to the latest versions at the earliest. However, after the demise of Windows XP support, Windows 7 user share increased to staggering numbers whereas Windows 8 still got few users.

Now, since Microsoft has announced the ending of mainstream support for Windows 7, the users would be left with no other option than to upgrade to the latest operating systems. As stated in the Microsoft help forum, Windows 7 will still be getting security updates from the company until January 2020. But the windows 7 users won’t be getting services of the mainstream support.

Microsoft Windows 10

Microsoft Windows 7

Microsoft has already announced the launch of Windows 10 by mid-2015. The operating system is said to be the most user-friendly and advanced operating system to have ever hit the market. Hence, it is quite clear that the company wants its users to get acclimatized to the touch-centric features before Microsoft Windows 10 gets officially launched. This can also be one of the reasons why the Redmond-based software giant has decided to end the mainstream support for Windows 7 soon.

Most of the companies that were using Windows XP earlier have either shifted to Windows 7 or are in the process. The sudden announcement thus, would make the matters more complicated for these users. The slight ray of hope for those who plan to continue with Windows 7 is that unlike Windows XP, they would still be receiving security updates from Microsoft.

Well, looking at the current scenario, one can say that now there are two options for Windows 7 users. They can either upgrade their systems to Windows 8 and get familiar with the modern features or they can wait for the arrival of Windows 10 and install it by skipping Windows 8 altogether.

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Steps To Backup Outlook Express Inbox

Outlook Express Help

Features Of Outlook Express

Outlook Express is an email application, which comes preinstalled in the operating systems like Windows XP and Windows 98. As the Outlook Express email client comes free of cost, a large number of people use it. The program is used to add their email addresses and download the emails to the personal computer. Since the emails are downloaded to the program, it could be removed from the internet servers, if you have not chosen to keep a copy of it in the servers.

According to Outlook Express help blogs, the inbox of the program must be backed up or saved occasionally so that you do not lose the important emails in the event of an Outlook Express corruption. In this post, we will find out how to save the inbox of the program in a different location of your computer.

Steps Involved

  • Open the Start menu by pressing the Windows button in the keyboard.
  • Choose the icon for Outlook Express to launch the program.
  • In the Outlook Express window, click the button Tools.
  • The above step will bring down the menu for Tools. Select Options from this menu.
  • Select the button Maintenance in the new window that comes up. Choose the button Store Folder.
  • You will find the location of the storage folder with the above step. Copy the URL address of the location using the keys Ctrl and C.
  • Open the Start menu again.
  • Select the option Run from the Start menu.
  • Use the keys Ctrl and V to paste the address to the Run window.
  • Click the button OK or press the Enter key.

    Outlook Express Email Client

    Outlook Express Configuration

  • The above step takes you to the Outlook Express inbox folders storage location.
  • Press the keys Ctrl and A together to select all the contents in the folder. Then, press the keys Ctrl and C to copy the contents.
  • Go to the desktop screen of the computer and right click.
  • Choose the option New and then click Folder.
  • Give a name to the folder like Outlook Express Inbox backup.
  • Double click and open the folder.
  • Press the buttons Ctrl and V together. This will paste the contents copied from the inbox folder to it.

With the above steps, you can back up the inbox folder of Outlook Express. For further assistance, you may go through the Outlook Express help forums or contact our technical support team.

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Understand The Various Power User Tasks In Windows 8

Microsoft Operating Systems

Microsoft OS Tools

One of the major drawbacks of the Windows 8 operating system that many users had complained was about the difficulty in understanding the various options in the program. Even though Microsoft tried to make the operating system with many futuristic features, they could not make it simpler for the users. For instance, if you were new to Windows 8, you would be confused about how to shut down the PC as the shutdown button cannot be found easily. In the earlier versions of Microsoft operating systems, this button was present in the Start menu and this menu is not present in Windows 8.

According to Microsoft help line, Windows 8 comes with various power user tasks. In this post, we will first find out how to access these tasks and then find out more about each of these tasks.

Accessing power user tasks

When you move your mouse over the left bottom corner of the screen, a thumbnail preview of various applications that you recently used comes up. Now, in order to open the Power User Tasks menu, right click the left bottom corner of the window and choose the option Power User Tasks. Now, let us go through the various tasks listed in the section.

Power Options

You can change the various power settings of your PC here.

Programs and features

This is the area where you will find the list of all installed programs in the computer. This section allows you to uninstall or modify the programs installed in the PC.


If you want to find out the details of your computer, then choose this option. Various other options like Remote Settings, System Protection and Device Manager are also present in this area.

Event Viewer

This application will enter the details of various events that take place in the computer. It is ideal for diagnosing and fixing various issues with the operating system.

Command Prompt

This window will help you to initiate various command line utilities.

Computer management

Microsoft Help Line

Features Of Microsoft OS

This screen allows you to change the settings of your user accounts. You can also manage the disks and find the event logs from here.


This option takes you directly to the Desktop screen.

File Explorer

You can manage your files from the File Explorer tasks.


You can start searching for apps, programs and files in your computer from this window.

We hope that you have understood the basics about the various power tasks of Windows 8. For further assistance, you may contact the Microsoft help line.

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Fixing Common Outlook Express Errors

Outlook Express Help

About Outlook Express Errors

It is indeed very irritating to see the error message ‘An unknown error has occurred’ when you are using a software application. Even more so, if it happens to be the mail client, which you are using for your office needs. Many Outlook Express users have indeed reported such error messages and it is always difficult to get Outlook Express help for such ‘unknown errors’, since there is no error code or any other information about this particular error.

Some tips for fixing the Outlook Express errors

There is a very good chance that what you are dealing with here is a file corruption issue. It is indeed a smart idea to create a backup of all the Outlook Express data before you proceed further. Because, once the entire Outlook Express data become corrupt, you are likely to lose important data, no matter which data recovery tool you have at your disposal.

Now, go to the Tools menu, select the Maintenance option you see there and click on Store Folder. This will show you the storage location for the Outlook Express data. Copy this folder path and paste it in the Windows Explorer or Run command window to open the folder.

Before you do this, check whether you have enabled the Hidden File view option for your OS. Some of the Outlook Express files will be hidden and it might not be possible for you to access them if you have not enabled this option in the OS. For this, go to the Folder Options in the Control Panel.

The Outlook Express folder you are looking for is ‘inbox.dbx’. This will be the corrupt Outlook Express file. Change the filename to

Data Recovery Tools

Contact Outlook Express Support

force Outlook Express to create a new folder for the same purpose the next time you start the application. This way you can also get rid of the file corruption present in that folder. This will work in most of the cases.

But, if you are again seeing the same irritating problem in Outlook Express, you have to use much more advanced troubleshooting steps like cleaning the system registry to fix the problem. There are many free registry cleaner applications available online, which you can use for the purpose.

Also, use a data recovery application if the Outlook Express data files are indeed corrupt. This is the only way you can recover the data stored in the corrupt folder. Such data recovery tools too are available for free online. You can contact our Outlook Express help desk for any further assistance if necessary.

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