Software Giant Wants To Help VMware Experts To Maintain Relevance In Data Center

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The software giant Microsoft Corporation is offering a new virtualization certification program to help VMware experts get apt training in Microsoft technology. Microsoft is rolling out this program with a belief that VMware experts will be capable to compete with Hyper-V in the future. The future obviously looks great for Microsoft’s Hyper-V.

The new certification program offered by Microsoft will be focused on server virtualization in Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V and System Center 2012 R2 Virtual Machine Manager. This certification is intended for VCPs or VMware Certified Professionals a certification program by the cloud, virtualization, software and services company.

According to Brad Anderson, current corporate vice president of Microsoft’s Cloud and Enterprise division, the virtualization certification is an option for experts in VMware to make their future more secure. It is obvious that the demand for Hyper-V will surpass demand for VMware soon. So, getting trained up in Microsoft technology along with their current VMware training is a wonderful way to make their career future-proof.

The world’s largest software maker is offering free online training for virtualization certification. However, the fee for the certification exam is $150. In addition, Microsoft is also offering a free voucher to those who avail the free training.

The founder of the Virtualization Technology Users Group (VTUG), Chris Harney, mentioned that it is actually important for VARs to be “bilingual” or being familiar with both Microsoft and VMware, considering the future demands and needs. Microsoft’s virtualization certification is a wonderful way to help the transition process from VMware and Microsoft.

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For instance, when it comes to virtual networking system, the new certification will be of tremendous help for people who wish to understand the difference between virtual networking in Hyper-V and between VMware’s Nicira network virtualization. Actually, many enterprises are facing problems when it comes to finding expertise with Microsoft’s System Center management software (SCM) that manages servers, desktops and virtualization platform. Microsoft help line highlights that this certification is precisely aimed at addressing these voids or shortage of skills.

The Redmond based software giant launched Hyper-V in 2008. At that time, VMware was the undisputed leader in the data center arena. According to IDC statistics, Hyper-V had a 27.6 percent share of the server virtualization market in the year 2012, where it grabbed only 20.3% market share in 2008.

This shows an increasing trend for Hyper-V, and with the recent programs, Microsoft seems to be shifting gears for futuristic innovations. For more details on the matter, you can contact experts over Microsoft help line.

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China Bans Windows 8; Microsoft Flummoxed!

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Windows 8 In China

In a mysterious turn of events that took Microsoft off guard, China banned Windows 8 devices for government use. The demand to exclude Windows 8 from bidding process on computer purchase came from China’s Central Government Procurement Center. The notice that was initially circulated sheds no light on the reason behind this sudden decision. The agenda was part of a notice on energy-saving products, which added to the confusion.

This news came as a total surprise for Microsoft, who immediately issued a statement saying they would work with the concerned agencies to ensure all Microsoft products and services meet the government procurement requirements. Even after the news came to light, the government refused to explain the reason behind this sudden decision.

However, this does not come as a huge surprise since there is presently a charged animosity between China and US. China has been very vocal about accusing US of cyber-espionage in all public channels. Recent NSA spying scandal has appeared to have added fuel to the flame. China government’s media mouthpiece, Xinhua news agency, soon reported this decision was made as a step to increase and ensure security.

China Central Television, China’s widely watched news service, aired a show specifically criticizing Windows 8. Moreover, the show goes on to publically accuse Microsoft of cooperating with US government for spying throughout the world.

Microsoft pulled the plug on Windows XP just months earlier. Since majority of desktop systems (about 200 million) in China, which include even financial institutions, are running on Windows XP, the need for immediate system upgrade has become necessary. With Windows 8 out of the equation, only few other operating systems remain. Since the existing leaders in hardware and software industries are all U.S giants, China will have a tough time selecting an alternative solution.

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Beginning of this year, Chinese Academy of Sciences (ISCAS), along with the Shanghai Liantong Network Communications Technology, revealed its own operating system, the China Operating System, for mobile devices. However, this operating system is built on Linux kernel, which hardly makes it homemade. China still has a long way to go before it can choose to completely ignore western electronic equipments and use indigenous products alone.

China has always been a tough market for Microsoft, with a high number of pirated edition software in use in China. Windows Piracy is so widespread that China lies several ranks below much smaller countries in terms of revenue collected by sale of operating system, even if the company has a massive presence in the country!

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Hiding Recipients In Outlook Express

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Outlook Express is an email application client released by Microsoft and it helps you to send and receive emails. You need to scroll down a long way if you receive an email that is being forwarded to a large number of people. However, by using the blind carbon copy (Bcc) feature of the Outlook Express, it is possible to avoid sending email like this. Moreover, this will also help you to hide the addresses of the recipients and as a result, when the recipient opens your email, the other email addresses will not show up. Well, given below are some easy instructions from the Outlook Express help team to hide the recipients in Outlook.


  • Start the process by launching the Outlook Express application in your system by double clicking its shortcut icon seen in the desktop or you can also access it from the Start menu. When the Outlook Express window opens up in your screen, you need to click the option called Create Mail that is found at the top left side of the Outlook Express window.
  • Above the line called Subject, you will see a line named Bcc. If you are not able to locate it, then at the top of the screen, you will see an option called View. Click it followed by selecting the option called All Headers.
  • In the box named Bcc, you need to type the email address of the recipient. Type the first three letters of the person’s name in the box named Bcc if the recipient’s email address is saved in the Outlook address book. Now, the Outlook express will enter the email address of the recipient automatically in the box called Bcc. After that, you need to press the key called Enter and to separate email addresses, you can use a comma or a semicolon.

    Outlook Support

    Outlook Express Support

  • At last, you need to finish the message that you need to send to the recipient. Next, you need to fill the box that is labeled Subject and in the appropriate box, you need to type your message. After you finish typing your message, you need to click the button called Send to send your message to the recipient.

The above said instructions from the Outlook Express help team will help you to hide the recipients in Outlook Express. For more information and assistance, contact our Outlook support number. The Outlook support number will help you in clearing all your doubts and queries related to Outlook Express.

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How To Change The Wi-Fi Password In Windows 7

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Windows operating system is the most commonly used operating system in both business and home computers. Windows 7 is the operating system that was released by Microsoft after Windows Vista. It is an operating system that has plenty of features and because of this reason, it still holds the maximum market share among all the operating systems available today.

Nowadays, network access to the wireless connection is getting more popular. When connecting more than two computers or a gaming system, a wireless router is required. To ensure that the wireless network is used only by you and by your family members, the network generally uses a network security key. This keeps the network more secure. However, if you need to change the password for Wi-Fi, then it can be easily changed by following the below given set of instructions from the Windows 7 support team. The instructions given by the Windows 7 support team are easy and can be carried out within minutes.


  • Switch on your Windows 7 computer and wait until it boots completely. When it turns on, you will be able to see an icon for the wireless internet in the taskbar of your Windows 7 computer, click it. The icon that will be seen in the taskbar will have an escalating series of white bars.
  • In the window that appears on the Windows 7 screen, you need to right click on Wireless connection.
  • Next, you need to click the option called Properties followed by clicking the tab labeled Security.
  • Now, under the box that is labeled Network Security Key, you will see a check box named Show characters. You need to check mark this box.

    Microsoft Support

    Microsoft Support For Windows 7

  • By using your computer mouse, you need to highlight the current security key. After that, press the key called Delete that is seen in your keyboard.
  • In the box that is seen, you need to enter your new password.
  • Next, click the button called Apply and to change the Wi-Fi password for your computer network in Windows 7, click the button called OK.

The above-described instructions given by the Windows 7 support team will help you to change the wireless connection password in the Windows 7 computer. For more news and information, contact our Microsoft support team.

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Skype Online Community Now Has Two Million Registered Users

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Microsoft has announced that the Skype community, associated with the Skype instant messaging client, has now 2 million registered users. The Skype community, the online forum for Skype, is an important place where Skype users and others discus about the various issues, queries and features associated with the program. Keep in mind that this number is in no way related to the number of Skype users.

An official blog post of Microsoft reads, “The Skype Community recently passed a major milestone by welcoming its 2,000,000th registered user! We are thrilled that two million people from around the world have joined us to ask and answer questions, share stories and talk about Skype.”

On reaching the new milestone, the company has now formed an ‘idea board’, which is a place where Skype users can post their suggestions about the program for its improvement.

The company says, “At the moment we have idea boards open where you can contribute your ideas for the future of Skype for Windows desktop and Skype for Windows Phone. The information that you provide here is regularly reviewed and fed into the development process for future releases. We’re continually expanding this program so keep an eye out for more idea boards coming soon.” According to Microsoft help forum, the idea board could prove to be very helpful for customers in suggesting their valuable ideas and mention about the changes they wish to see in the program.

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Skype was released in 2003 and since then it has been one of the favorite instant messaging tools of millions of customers around the world. Another major feature of this application is its ability to enable users to make international calls at cheaper rates. Premium users of the program can make calls worldwide at rates much affordable than what would cost with telephones.

According to Microsoft help forum, Skype has numerous features integrated in it. The tool even allows screen sharing with 25 people at the same time. It also allows video chats and conference calls. The program comes loaded with most of the features commonly found in other messaging clients like group chats, emoticons, status indicators, etc.

In 2011, Skype was taken over by Microsoft for 8.5 billion US dollars. After this, Microsoft completely stopped the services of its messaging service Windows Live Messenger, with China being the only country where the service is still active.

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