Acquaint With Various Browser Toolbars

Toolbar Remover

Toolbars are programs that are attached to an internet browser. The major function of a toolbar is to give quick access to the users to different services. Toolbars are developed by most of the programs in the market. You will find a toolbar from most of the search engines, antivirus programs etc. In this post, we will take you through some of the famous toolbars that are widely used around the globe.

Bing toolbar

This toolbar is developed by Microsoft and is based on the Bing search engine. With this toolbar, you can make quick searches over the web. It also allows you with the quick launch of programs like MSN Messenger and Hotmail. This toolbar can be used in Internet Explorer 6 or any of the higher versions.

Google toolbar

The Google toolbar works on both Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers. It is one of the simple toolbars, which is easy to customize and use. The toolbar will have the search field to look for topics on the World Wide Web using keywords. You can add numerous buttons to the toolbar as per your requirements.

Yahoo toolbar

This toolbar from Yahoo allows you to add bookmarks to it. With this, you can access a website right from the toolbar. You can access numerous websites by simply customizing this toolbar. The toolbar is designed to keep away spywares. It is designed to work on both Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers.

Stumbleupon toolbar

If you wish to access Stumbleupon Web 2.0 site, then it is necessary that your browser has this toolbar installed in it.

Uninstall Toolbars

We have discussed some of the famous toolbars. Now, some other toolbars can annoy you a lot. For instance, the Ask toolbar could make your browser run slow and change your browser settings. You may use a toolbar remover or manually uninstall toolbars from the computer. Let us find out how to delete such toolbars.

Steps Involved

  • Launch the ‘Control Panel’ window from the ‘Start’ menu.
  • Double click the option ‘Add or remove programs’ and this will list the programs installed in the computer.
  • Locate the toolbar, which is giving you troubles and select it.
  • Click the button ‘Remove’ to uninstall the toolbar from the computer.

If the above steps did not help you to remove the toolbar from the computer, you may use some of the third party toolbar remover programs.

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Fixing Your Computer Related Issues With The Help Of Microsoft Tech Support

Microsoft Help Line

Majority of you would be running a Windows operating system on your computer or might be running any of the Microsoft programs like Microsoft Office Outlook. Now, while using the operating system or any of the Microsoft programs, you can encounter a few errors with them. For instance, sometimes the operating system might be running too slow or can give you some errors. In case of Microsoft programs like Outlook, it may fail to send and receive emails. In these cases, it is advisable to contact the Microsoft help line.

The Microsoft help line has technicians who are trained to fix such issues with the program. There are various sections to fix troubles associated with different categories. That is, if you are running a big business, then you will be directed to the support center that deals with the business users. Similarly, home users are directed to a separate section.

Now, if you have simple troubles with the Microsoft applications, you need not always contact the support center of the company. This is because Microsoft has released a set of tools called Fix it. These tools are available for most of the Microsoft programs. The advantage of these tools is that they are available for most of the common issues associated with the programs.

In order to find the tool for the issue you encounter, go to the Microsoft support site and select the program with which the trouble is associated. This will list you the common issues associated with the program. You may choose the appropriate issue and the site will come up with the right tool for the issue. You may download the tool to your computer, install it and run it to fix this issue.

Microsoft Office

If the Microsoft fix it does not work, it is advisable that you contact the Microsoft support team. If you are unable to get quick support from the Microsoft team, you may contact other third party technical support companies. Just like the technical support team of Microsoft, these companies have technically qualified trained professionals. These professionals will take care of your computer issues in the most efficient way.

Most of the computer related issues could be fixed by calling a technical support firm. The common issues, which are fixed by technical support companies, are virus issues, printer issues, slow PC issues etc. However, you will not find support for hardware related issues, since it is not easy to fix hardware issues through remote assistance.

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Making Use Of The Microsoft Thesaurus

Microsoft Help Line

You may have seen terms like Smart Thesaurus or Thesaurus while using the Word program. A thesaurus is nothing but a dictionary of synonyms. This dictionary will show the users words and phrases that have the same meaning of a particular word, on demand. Making use of the thesaurus feature of Microsoft Word will help you to write interesting articles and you will also be able to add more variety to your writing style. The thesaurus will be able to suggest more words and phrases that your readers will be able to understand easily.

The Microsoft help line tips that are shared below will help you to make use of the Thesaurus feature in the Word program.


  • To access Thesaurus, open the Microsoft Word program, choose Research from Tools menu and then select Thesaurus from the Search for list.
  • Now you will need to choose the word that you wish to find the synonym for. After typing the word, you will need to press on the Alt key and then click on the word that you need to search. This will open a Research pane and a list of words will be shown there.
  • If you wish, you can replace the chosen word with any of the synonym. To do this, you will need to point to the Thesaurus In Microsoft Word

    synonym of your choice, click on the down arrow and then select Copy or Insert from the popup menu that appears.

  • If you are unable to locate the phrase or word that you need to use, you have the option to find additional synonyms by clicking on any of the word in the results list. If you need to go back to the previous list of words, you will need to click on the Back button. This button will be located above the results list.
  • If you wish to use thesaurus from the popup menu, you need to right click on the word that you have to find the synonym for.
  • A popup menu will be shown. Select Synonyms from the menu and a list of synonyms will be shown.
  • You can then choose the replacement word from the menu of synonyms. If you were unable to find the word or phrase that you need, you will need to choose Thesaurus from the popup.

These are the steps to make use of Thesaurus in Microsoft Word.

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Resolving Outlook Express Issues

Outlook Express Help

Outlook Express is the email program developed by Microsoft, and comes associated with the Internet Explorer. Since it sounds similar to Outlook, many people think that both the applications are the same. However, Outlook and Outlook Express are different from each other and have different options and functionalities.

Sometimes, certain issues do pop up in the system that forces the users to call up the Outlook Express help and support team. One of the commonly occurring issues is the corrupted folders in the application. If you encounter such a problem in your Outlook Express email application, you can use the following instructions.

  • At first, you need to close down Outlook Express and then restart the computer. Now, press the Start button followed by All Programs. Now, you can look up the option for Outlook Express to relaunch the program.
  • If the issue hasn’t been fixed yet, you can try to delete your temporary Internet files. Sometimes, the corrupted offline content does cause errors while the users try to receive or send emails. For this, launch Internet Explorer.
  • Next, you need to click on Tools followed by Internet Options. Now, click on the General tab and then on the Delete option under Browsing History. Make sure to put a check mark beside Temporary Internet Files and then press the Delete button.
  • You need to verify your account settings. For this, you need to first click on the Start button followed by Control Panel. Now, double-click on Mail, choose your email account and then click on Properties.

    Outlook Express Problems

  • Also, you need to verify the incoming and outgoing server addresses with your Internet provider or administrator. While doing so, you can also verify your email address and password. Sometimes, incorrect account settings cause problems in Outlook Express.
  • According to the Outlook Express help and support team, it is important to check your inbox and delete any emails that look suspicious. While checking the mails, pay close attention to emails that have attachments.
  • If you notice an attachment that is too big or looks unknown, always delete such emails. You need to double-click on the Deleted items folder and then delete these emails permanently by clicking on the Delete button.

By following these steps, you can successfully fix a corrupted Outlook Express. To get more assistance on resolving the common Outlook Express problems, you may contact our tech support team.

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How To Uninstall A Malicious Toolbar With The Help Of A Toolbar Remover

Toolbar Remover

A toolbar might appear to some as a built-in option in a web browser. However, it is not. Although some web browsers like Firefox offer some preinstalled toolbars, you are free to uninstall them if you don’t see any benefits with them. Similarly, it is important to keep an eye on your web browser to ensure to that no harmful toolbars have been installed in it without your notice or consent. How do toolbars get installed in a web browser?

It is strange but true that most of the toolbars get installed in web browsers without the notice or consent of the users. Getting rid of them is important as they could affect your web browsing. Well, you might be intrigued to know now how a toolbar gets installed in the web browser when you download and install any third party applications from unknown online sources.

The setup files of these applications will be bundled with some harmful toolbars as well. Oftentimes, you will be prompted by the installation wizard to specify whether you wish to install the toolbar along with the application that is being installed. Most users who don’t’ care going through the installation instructions leave the option for the toolbar checked. Resultantly, the toolbars get installed in your web browser.

The funniest thing is that the toolbars that get installed without your consent will not have any direct options for uninstalling them. While you can simply uninstall a reputed toolbar like Bing toolbar or Google toolbar directly from the Control panel, the malicious toolbars that get installed without your consent will remain in your browser until you get rid of them with the help of a strong toolbar remover.

Fake Toolbar Removal Tools

How to remove a toolbar with the help of a toolbar removal tool?

If a toolbar is not getting removed after you uninstall it from the Control Panel settings, you have to remove it with the help of an effective toolbar remover. However, it is advisable that you go to the Control Panel Settings, remove the toolbar first, and then execute the toolbar removal tool as a second step.

When you download a toolbar removal tool online, be certain to verify that the tool is authentic. There are fake toolbar removal tools that make removal of a malicious toolbar even more complicated. Hence, download the removal tool only from a known or reliable download location.

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