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Microsoft recently revealed that it is planning to shut down Bing Webmaster Community Forums, which have been running for some time. This is the result of the first step taken to focus energies in another directions. The forum is expected to be closed by the end of this month. Microsoft support number can be contacted instead of the forum in case you require any assistance.

The Bing Webmaster Community Forums let people post their queries on the forum, for which the Bing team and other webmasters would provide appropriate answers. The Microsoft help forum had been helpful to many users regarding their questions on different issues and news.

For the past many years, Microsoft had Bing forum running successfully. With little iteration, they have been around for some time, with the focus to be enchanting and lively. To encourage the involvement of the experts to aid others, this would eventually create a community contributing to improvements and making its own gravity. Microsoft in one of the posts said that even though things move smoothly, there comes a time when you have to reevaluate and rearrange things.

Hence, in order to regroup and reorganize, Microsoft is bringing Bing Webmaster Forum down, so that engineers can focus on works in other areas. however, the Help and the How to section along with the Bing Webmaster blog would be up, which will be able to handle the first line of help. While the community and forum is shut down, Microsoft will get the time and resources to make its techies to focus on different directions.

Microsoft Support Number

Microsoft Chat Support

Microsoft also added that the Bing Webmaster blog would be open and would publish on a weekly basis, allowing the users to comment to take part in a deeper conversation. In case you have issues using the webmaster tools or if you are facing problems with the way Bing interacts with you, the email support option still exists. You can get the needed information in case it is a legitimate case with the help of email support. Apart from this Microsoft help forum and the email support, in case you need immediate help, you can call up the Microsoft support number.

In case you are trying to seek email support regarding any issue you are facing in your computer, you will have to provide some relevant information. Some of them are a link regarding the issue that you are facing and a specific description of the same. Only with the help of this information will the tech support desk be able to provided required assistance.

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Directions For Managing Objects In Office Publisher

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One of the programs included in Office suite bundle, Office Publisher, is an ideal desktop publishing application for beginners and home users. It is often remarked for its user-friendly interface and simplicity for use. Furthermore, the program enjoys Microsoft help line support. With Office Publisher, you can execute tasks such as grouping, ungrouping and moving objects with ease. Read the below illustrations carefully to learn how.

Managing objects in Office Publisher

There are multiple methods for managing objects in Microsoft Office Publisher.

Method 1

  • Launch Office Publisher and navigate to the left toolbar.
  • Choose the option labelled Tool. After that, place the mouse pointer over the objects that have to be manipulated.
  • Now, enclose the objects in the dotted boxes by right clicking the mouse and then dragging the pointer. Make sure that the mouse is released only after the objects are grouped in the boxes.
  • The objects that have been dragged to the dotted box are selected.
  • Next, go to the bottom right end of the selection box and select the button labelled Group. Remember, the Group button can be easily identified by its puzzle pieces in two different colours; white and black. If you don’t see the Group button, go to the Layout menu and then choose Group Object option from the dropdown menu.

Method 2

  • Open Office Publisher by double-clicking the icon on the desktop. If you haven’t created a desktop shortcut, go to the Start button and choose All Programs from the resulting menu. Choose Microsoft Office followed by Office Publisher from the consecutive dropdown menus.

    Microsoft Help Forum

    Microsoft Office Publisher

  • Once the application is fully loaded, press down the Shift key on your keyboard and then select the objects one by one.
  • Go to the Layout menu now and then choose Group Objects option from the resulting menu. You can do this using an alternative method as well. Go to the bottom right corner of the selection box and then select the Group button.
  • When the objects are grouped, a set of handles will appear around them. The set of handles that were visible with individual objects previously will disappear.

Microsoft Office Publisher is an essential application for desktop publishing. It is integrated with many good features. Learn more about the program by visiting the Microsoft help forum. In case any problem pops up while using the application, seek support through the Microsoft help line.

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Creating A Personal Folder In Outlook Express

Outlook Express Help

Folder Creation In Outlook Express

Outlook Express is an email client designed by Microsoft which is built-in in Windows XP and Windows 2000. It is entirely different from the email client application, Microsoft Outlook, which comes as a part of the Microsoft Office suite. Although identical, they have extremely different code base and are used for different applications. Outlook Express is better suited if you require Internet e-mail as well as newsgroup functionality while Microsoft Outlook is the heavy-lifter capable of advanced Internet standards-based-email that are more prevalent in workplaces.

However, Outlook Express is extremely popular among home users. It offers several tools that help users keep their emails in line. One of the reasons why Outlook Express is popular is because it features folders in order to store a copy of the emails in your local disk drive. Since no online copies of the email are stored, they can be accessed instantly from within the software. You can create personal folders and save your emails inside them.

Creating a personal folder in Outlook Express will only take a moment and can be done by either contacting our Outlook Express help or by following these steps:

  • Open the Outlook Express application from the Start menu or from the desktop.
  • Once the application has opened up, click on the Personal Folders option located in the sources pane.

    Microsoft Outlook

    New Outlook Express Folder

  • Click on the File menu and bring your mouse towards New. The option will bring out several other options, from which you have to click on the option Folder. This will bring up a new window.
  • You will see a bunch of boxes where you will have to type out relevant details about the new Folder. Type in the name of the folder in the first box. Leave the second box empty and then set a location for the new folder by using the third box. Default location for the personal folder is the folder named Personal Folders itself. You can also click on the Personal Folders option in order to select the location of the folder.
  • Once you have filled in these details, click on OK.

If you have followed the procedure mentioned above to the letter, you will see that the new folder is located in the location that you have specified. In order to use the folder, you merely have to click on the folder to select it, drag it to folder icon and then drop the email. If you require further help, you may contact our Outlook Express help department.

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Opportunities Through Microsoft Certification

Microsoft Help Line

Microsoft IT Certification

There’s no disputing that Microsoft Corporation has heavily influenced the computer industry. This is so true in fact that it’s essentially hard to map the extent of it. Microsoft certification is another thing that’s common. You’d find people holding this qualification anywhere on the globe, and without having to look far.

According to Microsoft, tens of thousands carry this certification. Anyone can get certified as a Microsoft professional, in levels ranging through simple software making and network service management. The company had long decided to facilitate a clumping of their programs. This goes hand-in-hand with grouping the study of the different products they come out with, as well as certifying people based on their ability to do this professionally.

Graduating the Microsoft study program would essentially place you as a professional operator, with certified specialization in a particular role. Some of these are given below.

  • IT Professional
  • Professional
  • Systems Engineer
  • Systems Administrator

Joining for a Microsoft Certification program would avail participants some good augmentation in IT knowledge, which could help them attain an enviable foothold in network supervision. The basic things they get to walk away with are:

  • Working knowledge in all Microsoft Windows network software.
  • The ability to devise, start and use network systems.
  • The ability to find and fix any problems that can be found in Microsoft Windows network software.
  • The ability to devise and implementnetwork security in such programs.

Getting certified involves the candidate attending and completing a course provided by a Microsoft accredited organization. Study would cover the general aspects of Microsoft software products, as well as a specific syllabus based on the student’s subject of choice. Students can also learn online after buying a study guide. The examination however, must be attended in person. These are the main requirements for receiving certification on a subject. Call the Microsoft help line for information.

Microsoft Certification Program

Microsoft Networking Certification

It’s possible for a student to get more than one specialist certificate. Many go on adding subjects to their resume over time, and build up a formidable qualification set to impress interviewers in the future. Others do the same for a more academic purpose. But, regardless why you may want it, Microsoft Certification is certainly the thing to have. Call up the Microsoft help line for information on how to get it.

For more on Microsoft Certification, check out the latest posts here, or use the search option to read on your topic of choice.

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Associating EML Files And Attachments In Outlook Express

Outlook Express Help

Troubleshooting Outlook Express

EML files are primarily associated with Outlook Express. This storage format is also supported in other programs like Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Entourage and Apple Mail. The advantage of this file format is that it is supported by many different programs, including your web browser, plain text editor and has extreme similarity with the HTML format.

The file format may contain text messages or even attachments or files sent using the email. By default, you will be able to view emails you received by clicking on the email notification. This will open up the Outlook Express program where you will be able to open the email along with any attachments that you have received.

Due to a variety of reasons, EML files get associated to a different program, because of which, clicking on the notification will open up a different program. This understandably causes inconvenience to all users since you will not be able to use the full set of functionalities that Outlook Express offers. However, you can troubleshoot this program with ease and get Microsoft Outlook Express working again.

In order to re-associate EML files, you can either contact our Outlook Express help team or make the following changes yourself:

  • Open the Start program and type in Default programs in the Start Search fields.
  • Click open the first result, which is, Default programs.
  • You will see different file types of protocol along with the program link used to open the file format.
  • From the list, highlight .EML and then select Change Programs and idols.
  • Select Outlook Express as the default program to be used in order to execute such file formats.

    Microsoft Outlook

    Outlook Express Issues

  • If you are unable to find the Outlook Express option, click on Browse and then type in winmail.exe under the file type. Click Open.

An alternative method to do the same is:

  • Open Outlook Express and then click on the Tools menu.
  • Click on Options from inside the menu.
  • Click on Make Default under This application is NOT the default Mail handler to set this program as the default program in order to open EML files.

If you still receive some notification or if some other program opens up in order to execute the file, you can contact our Outlook Express help team to receive further instructions. You will have to troubleshoot the issues with the Outlook Express program before you are able to open the EML files using the program.

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